Saturday, May 8, 2010

Invitation: International Conference On World War 2 & The Rise of Multilateralism

World War 2 & The Rise Of Multilateralism

by Kazi Mahmood

1. Full name: International Conference On World War 2 & The Rise of Multilateralism

Short Form: World War II & Multilateralism 2010

2. What is the objective of this event?
To create awareness that wars are damaging and that the lessons learned from the World War 2 events should help contain the outbreak of yet another deadly, devastating war that could become the World War 3.

Humanity seem to have forgotten that war brings devastations and death and today we see wars being waged in the name of 'just causes' but with hidden agenda's. We hope that by organizing this one day conference we will be able to at least contribute a little bit in the world wide efforts to end wars and to resolve conflicts peacefully.

The ongoing conflicts around the world should be taken into consideration when we study the results of the WW2 and how it influenced mankind since the 1940's. With the constant state of wars in some parts of the world and the possibility that the world goes to war again, it is imperative to disseminate the lessons taught to mankind by the advent of WW2 and the destruction that it caused.

The Conference will hence focus on the reasons that lead to the war, the need to tell the truth about the war and altogether the necessity to focus on the role of Nations that really suffered during the war; such as Russia with the huge lost of lives and the massive destruction it suffered and countries in South East Asia which paid a heavy price for the Japanese invasion.

The World is still witnessing the conflict in 'occupied' Palestine where a new state was created on the offset of the World War 2. Israel is today the centre of most of the conflicts that is affecting the Muslim world in particular and Israel is the creation of the winners of the World War 2. This ongoing conflict is the very reason for the new generations to understand the mistakes made after WW2 was won by the allied forces.

3. What is the profile of the attendees?
Many of the attendees will be research historians, professors in History and Political Science and surely Librarians as they are the custodians of our Historical records.

Also invited will be students heads, media reps and surely political thinkers and decision makers in Malaysia and possibly from Indonesia and Singapore.

Their role in attending the conference will help support the idea that the history books should not be re-written to portray any of the aggressors of WW2 as the nations that suffered or the nations that did not commit war crimes. It is the duty of the organizers, the speakers and the moderators to pinpoint the fact that WW2 was launched on criminal ideas and that the aggressors were defeated at the cost of millions of lives of the innocents.

To participate in the conference as a delegate, please visit the following website: for more information and send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to indicate your intentions to be either a speaker or a delegate

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