Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All the Best in Your Final

Dear Readers,

Examination period is the most critical period for the student, they have to stay up until 3.00am and some did not sleep until exam finish for that day. Students always complaint that time allocate for revision and exam are not enough. They find difficult to answer the questions and understand the subject. At the end they are hopeless and even worse when deciding not to study.

Here, I would like to give some suggestions based on my experience especially with difficult subject. First, student should not have negative view about the subject regardless of the seniors and your friends results, regardless of the lecturer. Negative mind will create negative result for that subject, as you will always assume that it is difficult and tough forever, but it isn’t. It should start from the beginning of the year of study and every semester.

Second, even the subject is boring and you assume it is useless, you should think about choice is zero, you have no choice. Then plan for the next steps, such as set the maximum target base on your 100% ability and effort. Later, during mid semester review the performance and look for the opportunity to improve or correct the weaknesses. Besides, in class you should pay at least 50% attention to the lecture.

Third, during revision period you should focus on the subject that least difficult to the most difficult. Settle down all the easiest subject within short period of time, because it will create positive physiological effect as you will feel comfort when most of the subject you already covered. Then, you start with difficult subject.

Before you begin study that subject, plan carefully such as; how many chapter to cover, which chapter is easy and which chapter is difficult, why it is difficult, is it due to memorization or the text is hard to understand or the combination of both. Then you seek for solution for the problem. Finale you begin revise the subject and remember to start with the easiest chapter. Try to have an overview about the chapter and at the end try to conclude base on your understanding what is the conclusion of that chapter, what the author wants. Try to make note base on the keywords that you could easily remember you the points as well as the explanation.

If you do want to improve more, then try to explain to your friends, having group discussion and teach small group of people. This will surely help you to improve your learning method effectively, efficiently and impressively. Gradually you will find yourself do not have to study very long hour, with short period of time you can understand the subject easily and comprehensively.

Finally, before exam you should at least pray “Hajat” and have 100% confidence that Allah SWT will surely make the exam easy for you. The confident level will also affect you during exam, if you have confident that you will be able to answer, then Insya Allah you will, otherwise you will find the questions are so difficult and tricky. Read the “doa” and read Al-Fatihah “Shodaqah” to the Prophet SAW and the Companions RA of the Prophet SAW.

Try to focus and relax as you do not have to rush to answer the questions. When the time begin, select the easiest questions and mark with (X) for the difficult questions; if you have choice. Then, answer the easiest questions first, then difficult one. Try to allocate time for each question. Do not feel nervous when the question is truly difficult or tricky, stay calm and read “Sholawat” as much as you can, Insya Allah you will be able to find the answer.

Good Luck!!

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