Thursday, May 28, 2009

Students - Admin Dialogue: Come Join Us!

The university’s authority is currently planning on enforcing the wearing of helmet on the motorcyclists, while riding in the university. From the meeting with the Rector of IIUM, Prof Dato’ Sri Dr Syed Arabi Idid, it seems that the decision is definite, thus beginning in July, all motorcyclists will have to wear helmet every time they ride.

Realizing that most of the students are not aware of this enforcement, SRC as the mediator between students and university’s administration will be organizing a student – admin dialogue during this coming 27th May 2009 to discuss in depth regarding this issue. The purpose of the dialogue is for students to get clear information and explanation from the first party regarding the topic concern. In addition, this is the opportunity for students to voice out their opinion on the relevancy of such enforcement.

As students, it is our rights to demand the university’s authority to clarify and inform on the issue before any action to be taken. It is unfair if the enforcement is done immediately without consulting the students. Students have the right to know the reason and rationale behind any action taken, as this will affects the daily activities.

So students, show your concern to this issue by attending the dialogue, do not miss out the opportunity to discuss directly with the enforcing party. It is our mutual responsibility to strive for our best interest as part of the IIUM community.

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