Friday, January 23, 2009

Mission & Vision

The success of the IIUM lies with its industrious scholars and intellectuals, dedicated administrative staff, and its diligent and resourceful students who unswervingly uphold the vision and mission of the university.

Almarhum Prof. Ismail Faruqi said “The person with a role that is relevant to us here is the person with a cause. The person with a cause is a person who has vision and mission’’

Thus, it is my pleasure for me to be part of the SRC Exco members in order to develop and hence enable students to realize the noble mission and ideals of the University as stated in (Triple IIICE)

The summary of the Mission should read as follows:
i) Integration
ii) Islamization
iii) Internationalization and
iv) Comprehensive Excellence

Therefore, I would like to emphasize the role of SRC in handling and response towards local, national and international issues. Besides, I will uphold the Islamic principle, values and practices in all the course of our struggle for the betterment of the Ummah. Indeed, it is very important in order to develop a student who is competent and can serve the Ummah after graduate.

In summary, my main agenda is to struggle for the best interest of the students. It can be done by bridging the gap between the SRC and the students. It is my responsibility to protect and serve the needs and welfare of the students, regardless of their course, origins or backgrounds and make the students my focal concern.

(Essay yang dihantar oleh penulis dalam borang pencalonan ke SRC)

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